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Zombie Cataclysm is a zombie invasion simulation game but you don’t play it on your iphone, xbox or on your computer.  It is a straight up role playing game in the good ol’ fashion pen and paper D&D style.  [singlepic id=1438 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Lance Meyer, the creator of Zombie Cataclysm will be on Zombie Popcorn Radio on Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2010 at 7pm Eastern, talking about why he made this game – so tune in!

I personally, have not played a game of Zombie Cataclysm yet, I have tried to set up several games but none have come together yet.  I also haven’t played a pen and paper RPG since my younger years when CyberPunk was what I played.  With that said, this game looks like it has been made by someone who knows how to run a good game.

You ready to get nerdy?  Here we go!

Zombie Cataclysm breaks down everything for you from how to choose your Game Master, creating your characters, all the way down to what the dexterity of alligators are – what? You might have to fight an alligator.

Creating your characters in this game is pretty interesting because Zombie Cataclysm acts as a Zombie simulation and unlike D&D where you play a fighter, wizard, elf, etc., In this game you play as yourself.  (You can play a fantasy character but it takes away from the simulation.)   The way you create your character sheet is based on a series of questions about yourself for example:

Knowledge: Is based on educations

  • Raised by Wolves: 4
  • High School Education: 8
  • Two years of college:10
  • Four Years of college:14
  • Sex years of college: 16
    Add one to this score for every ten years that you are older than 20. (So a 30 year old would add one, a 40 year old would add 2 and so on.) Your Knowledge can never go over 18.

These points work the same way as any other RPG and attribute to how you do in the game.

The game goes into great detail about how much damage certain weapons will do -based on dice rolls.

I highly recommend this game for anyone who enjoys pen and paper RPG and zombies.   You can get the first six pages of Zombie Cataclysm for free from their site or just pick up a copy of the game for yourself.   You have two options, in pdf format or book version.  – Support the independent !

Don’t forget Lance Meyer, the creator of Zombie Cataclysm will be on Zombie Popcorn Radio on Saturday, Dec. 4th, 2010 at 7pm Eastern, talking about why he made this game and I am sure you will get more game pointers from him.

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