Year of the 3D


As you may already know and maybe sick of hearing about – I am obsessed by 3D movies.

There are so many 3D movies coming out this year. U2 3D – Yes, the band U2 has an IMAX 3D film that just hit the theaters. Along with U2 – Hannah Montana’s 3D movie is coming out soon.

Not all films are of bands, Fly Me to the Moon – is about three young houseflies stow away aboard the Apollo 11 flight to the moon.

As much as I like going to the theater to see 3D movies – nothing beats having a theater at your home. – especially if it is a 3D theater And today my 3D theater just got a little better because I have upgraded my system with the Sensio processor. Sensio is recognized as the worldwide 3D home video standard in the industry and they create the 4D theatre designed for amusement parks, attractions, museums. You know like the Shrek 4D ride at Universal Studios.

As awesome as the Sensio processor nothing is more exciting than the re-releases of some of the great 3D movies of the past. Before I go on about the re-release – I have to say nothing makes me more upset* than when a 3D movie comes out in theaters and makes its way to DVD – it is released in 2D What is the point to having an 3D movie if it comes out on DVD in 2D – how lame is that?!
(*other things make me more upset, like Ringling beating elephants for example.)

Anyway, I was happy to hear when Sensio announced that they are going to re-release several movies in 3D – yes, movies that were made in 3D are now going to be on DVD in 3D.

Movies like;

Yes, that is right, can you believe it – Taza, Son of Cochise – haha

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