The Season of Zombie Crawls are Upon Us


Calling all Virginia Beach locals – ZOMBIE CRAWL IN EFFECT!

To kick off the Zombie Crawls –  Zombie Popcorn is reporting on a local Zombie Crawl.  You may remember last year we talked about the very first Zombie Crawl in Virginia Beach and we reported on the crawl.  [singlepic id=1395 w=320 h=240 float=right]

We have good news – the same person who put on last years Zombie Crawl is back at it again and we have all the details for you!

This zombie walk is being held to collect canned goods for the Tidewater Food Bank, so on October 16, 2010  at 2pm everyone should meet at the Town Center fountain in Virginia Beach.

The Town Center address is  222 Central Park Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462 and the Fountain is across the street from California Pizza Kitchen. (It will make sense when you get there.)

There will be a costume contest and prizes will be given out.  The most exciting moment about this crawl is that they will have people at random locations so the zombies can attack.  (I see perfect photo op.)  The ‘victims’ will have  ducked tape on their shirts – so keep and eye out for them and then eat some brains!!

The organizer has also listed some rules for everyone and they are;

– no masks or stuff that shoots from your outfit
– you must stay on the side walk
– no profanity
– if it’s not yours, don’t touch it
– no cell phones please. Ever seen a zombie use a phone?
– have fun with it 🙂
– please, if you feel you can’t control yourself, don’t come.
– do not run at random people

and don’t forget to bring your canned goods!!

Have fun and I expect to see a ton of photos from everyone!

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