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You may have heard about William Bonin, the California serial killer known as the Freeway Killer.  If you haven’t kept up on your serial killer database  let me give you a short refresher -Between 1979 and 1980, Bonin tortured, raped and killed a minimum of 21 boys and young men, and is suspected of committing a further fifteen. 

Bonin usually selected young male hitchikers, schoolboys or, occasionally, male prostitutes as his victims. The victims, aged between twelve and nineteen, were either enticed or forced into his Chevy van, overpowered, had their hands tied behind their back, sexually assaulted, tortured and then usually killed by strangulation with their own t-shirt, although some were stabbed or battered to death. One victim, Darin Kendrick, was forced to drink chlorohydrate acid, and two victims had ice-picks driven into their ears.  The victims were usually killed inside Bonin’s van and most were discarded alongside various southern Californian freeways. In at least eleven of the murders, Bonin was assisted by one of his four known accomplices.

The reason I bring up The Freeway Killer is because of two reasons.

1) The DVD/Blu-Ray movie based on the story of William Bonin, called ‘Freeway Killer’ comes out tomorrow – Feb, 16, 2010.

2) Actor Nik Tyler, who played the character ‘Steven’ in the movie ‘Freeway Killer’ will be on Zombie Popcorn Radio Saturday, Feb. 20th,  2010 to talk about this film.

You may remember Nik Tyler from the TV series, ‘ER’, CSI, Law & Order and several other television programs and movies, but we will talk about all of that on Zombie Popcorn Radio.

Here is a trailer from ‘Freeway Killer’


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  • David McVicker2

    February 16, 2010

    RT @ZombiePopcorn The Freeway Killer Interview

  • David McVicker3

    February 16, 2010

    I was kidnapped by Bonin in 1974. I was told that he got fifteen to life for what he did to me. When he got out of prison 2 years and ten months later he stated that he would never let someone tell on him again and he meant it. He proceeded to killed 21 kids.
    I had to testify in three trials one of wich was on national tv live.
    I was lucky enough to be standing six feet away from him when he was exicuted. I wish that they would have consulted me when they were making this movie. I am the only person alive that can say what it was like to be kidnaped and raped by Bonin.
    I want to see this film I’m not sure why but I want to see it.
    I lived it, I dreamt it and lived it again for 22 years when he was exicuted. I have heard that someone wanted to see more of the really bad things that he did than are in the movie. Trust me you would not want to see what Bonin really did to his victims. The movie would have to be rated xxx and sick as hell. Not to mension the pain that it brings back to people like me and the familys of the victims. I do not think that they would aprove or want to see this on a bis screen. How would you feel if it were your son , brother or friend being victimized over again for all to view as entertainment. I’m sure that you would fell sick about it too.
    I will post another comment after I get to see the movie.

  • Elle4

    February 15, 2010

    Looking fwd to the film & the interview! I hear Nik Tyler is an amaaaaazing actor!!

  • elle5

    February 15, 2010

    looking forward to the nterview. I hear NIK TYLER is an amazing actor.

  • Nik6

    February 15, 2010

    Thnx for the shout-out, Jason! Lookin’ forward to speaking with you Saturday. L8r bro!


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