The Band That Never Was


Zombie Popcorn is very honored to have a special guest writer.  Matthew from the Matthew Show.  You may remember Matthew from when we interviewed him back in January.  He has an amazing new project…well, I will stop talking and let him get on with what he has to say.  Please welcome Matthew!

Spurred by books like Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s “Fooled By Randomness,” our society has been having a discussion of our expectations about life and how they are shaped by what we see. There is a selection bias, particularly in the arts, where we are only exposed to the stories of the wildly successful.  [singlepic id=1194 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Where are the tales of failure?

My new podcast, “The Band That Never Was,” is an attempt to even out the sample set. It is the story of a group of friends who travel from adolescence to adulthood together. On the way, they form a band, and hijinks ensue.

Packed with honesty, laughs, relationships, irony, and some damned fine tunes, “The Band That Never Was” is about many things. Friendships, life, music, growing up, and a study of what, at its core, failure may or may not be.

And let’s not forget the music. Every episode features original music by the matthew show and my various musical associates, and the tunes are also available as singles at independently of the podcast.

I’m extremely excited about this project, and I believe you will be, too. Check it out:


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