Texas Chainsaw 3D – The Official Trailer is Here!

Texas Chainsaw 3D – The Official Trailer is Here!


I know what each and everyone of you are going to say – hell, I have said it a thousand times on Zombie Popcorn’s The Talking Dead.  Enough with the remakes -right?!

Yes, I feel that we need new and more creative films coming down the pipeline.  When that pipeline brings Leatherface to me in 3D – I will put my arguments aside for a moment.  This will put us closer to having the top horror icon 3D collection – we have already had Friday the 13th part 3 in 3D, we have had Nightmare on Elm Street. Now with this film all we need is Halloween 3D. (It is coming.)

Anyway, enough of my drooling here is the trailer for the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D! (and yes, this will be shot in native 3D.)

[youtube id=”GqCe2pDfICE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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