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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D – The New Barbarians


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Zombie Popcorn Radio 3D
The New Barbarians
Show #28 / video show # 14
Sat Apr 17 2010

This weeks Zombie Popcorn Radio is not like any other – because we take you to the movies.

Sure we talk about;

* Machete release date
* Don’t Look in the Basement Remake
* Zombie Popcorn’s Book Club new book
* Our upcoming road trip interviews
* and more

What make this episode different is we watch the film ‘The New Barbarians’ aka ‘Warriors of the Wasteland’ with you!

What is ‘The New Barbarians’? Well, this review should sum it up..

This post-apocalyptic low-budget romp has it all: A homosexual death cult that navigates the wasteland in 20 horsepower go-carts, looking for things to kill! A dashing lone wolf survivor who maintains a rather ambiguous relationship with a prepubescent boy (who also happens to be the local go-to auto mechanic)! Former NFL star Fred Williamson, who’s totally sweet archery skills are second only to his arsenal of exploding arrowheads!!! Add to all of this a hot and vulnerable female lead, a cheesy electronic score, and a bunch of awesome monologues by the leader of the bad guys (“There is only one faith! One ecstasy! DEATH!!!”), and you got one hell of a good time! Take it from a true connoisseur of crap: this movie is worth the low price. Best enjoyed with a few beers and a sense of humor.

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Super Sexy Zombie Models

Ever thumb through a magazine and look at all the models selling whatever useless product and think to yourself, ‘Wow, she would make an awesome zombie?’   Yeah, me too!! Well,  Japanese artist Fumie Sasabuchi took those thoughts a step further. He takes photos of glam models straight from the...

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A new look for October

As always, I am re-vamping something on Zombie-Popcorn and Psychosomatic Rants. Since October is by far my favorite month of the year, I wanted to give the site a make over. So, please let me know what you think of the new site design.

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