No Fun for Kids


If you are wondering what the title of this blog means -it seems that Ringling Bros. and the Staples Center in Los Angeles have reached a new low.

I mentioned in the previous blog post, ‘Oh, the Games People Play’ the comic books we hand out to people who are going to attend the circus. They are a big hit with families – even grandmothers come back after getting a comic book and ask for a couple more comics for their grandchildren who live in another city or who could not make it out. In fact, these comic books were such a hit that Ringling Bros. apparently teamed up with Staples Center employees to take away the comic books from children as they entered the door. It did not stop there, one man who was going to attend the circus came back to where we were handing out the comics to tell us, ‘They will not let me enter the arena with your comic book. They said I have to give them the book before entering.’

I was not shocked when I heard this because it is not uncommon for Ringling to try to stop us from getting the truth to the public about how they abuse, hit and beat elephants. What I was wondering was, ‘Are they taking the comic books directly from children?’

They were taking the books directly from children – check out this video. (I recommend using the full screen mode for this video -just right click on the video and click ‘fullscreen mode’

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