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Today, Zombie Popcorn has had the privilege to preview the upcoming debut album, ‘Creatures’ by the Fearless Records band, Motionless in White.   The album is set to be released on October 12th.   [singlepic id=1396 w=320 h=240 float=right]

The first thing I see, as I pulled the CD from the mailing envelope , is the cover full of  zombified hands reaching out from vines and snakes as if they are trying to break free from the bats and glowing eyed ravens flying above. The cover reminded me of a modern day re-image of the old comic book cover art of Dead World.

So, with horror hopes in my head I put the CD in the player and began my listening journey. The song that stood out to me before reading the press kit was, ‘Creatures’.  It stood out because of its haunted sample music that played under the hard driving and aggressive beats –  very similar to how (….ok, I am about to tell on myself… when I was younger..), the early Morbid Angel would sample things all dark and evil to add an extra element to their music.  It worked very well for both Morbid Angel and now Motionless in White.

As I continued to listen to the album, ‘Creatures’ I began reading the press kit and found that the song, Creatures was written entirely by fans of Motionless in White.  The band asked fans to submit their own lyrics and certain lines were selected from hundreds of submissions and as a result the song  Creatures was created.  This is a band who 100 percent love their fans and it totally shows.

I also learned that the members of Motionless in White are HUGE horror fans so I might have to get them on Zombie Popcorn Radio so we can talk film…and music, of course.

Here is the song ‘Creatures’  (with Lyrics for the old people who read this blog ) and  if you like what you hear they are on tour right now!

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