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On January 28, 2010, it was publicly announced that Incheon will open the world’s first robot theme park in 2013.  [singlepic id=1151 w=320 h=240 float=right]  The theme park will be called Robot Land!

I have been talking a lot this year about wanting to go to Korea and now I have a new reason to travel there.  I mean, come on – ROBOTS!  Who doesn’t love robots?

The theme park will cover 767,287 square meters and will feature 26 different attractions including a twisting roller coaster known as the Taekwon V mega coaster and a 4D space ride. A character known as Robot Taekwon Boy has been chosen to become the theme park’s main representative.

The theme park will have:  [singlepic id=1153 w=320 h=240 float=center]

  • Robot Character Hall that will include products relating to robot characters from movies and cartoons.  Star Wars Robot Hall, Transformers Hall, Astroboy Hall, etc
  • Robot Aquarium.  A place to watch and manipulate robot fish. – This is awesome!
  • Roller Coasters – including a roller coaster that takes you down into the sea
  • Dances with Robots – where you can ride a robot arm n and hang on it
  • The Robot Tower that includes an Observation Deck, food court where robots serve, work as cashiers, and perform shows.
  • There is even a water park with rides and areas to relax with robots

Zombie Popcorn guarantees this park will be better than Diggerland but will give a good battle to the Hello Kitty theme park with its zombies.

If all of that does not want to make you pack your bags and go – then their promotional video will make you run out the door right now for Robot Land!  (well, you should wait until the park is opens in 2013)

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  • themebiz1

    December 21, 2010

    This project never made it past its concept stage – and the concepts were overseen by a Korean team with no experience in either robotics or theme parks, so many of the most important components of a successful robotics-themed park were cut, including anything and everything historical and all references to robots in pop culture/movies and television. The budget was never even close to reasonable. And saddest of all, the American designers who worked so hard against such an unprecedented schedule for this project have yet to be paid. Shame on Robot Land and it’s primary consultant, Pico Far East Holdings!


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