Episode 21: Biblical Morality

Episode 21: Biblical Morality


This week we get into a bit of an interesting topic concerning moral values derived from the Bible. In a Huffington Post article, Rabbi Eric Yoffie describes why he takes his objective moral values from his holy book. His essay is interesting and definitely hits on some interesting points but ultimately it is flawed in that he leaves room for interpretation. Objective morality is not subject to interpretation, when moral values are interpreted that makes them conditional and therefore relative—the exact opposite of what religious conservatives argue for.

To highlight the absurdity of the moral argument for religion we delve into a big pile of crazy which is the Discovery Institute. This is what they have to say about objective morality. And of course no discussion of the Discovery Institute would be complete without letting them show their ignorance of evolution. Also, we talk about their take on unicorns in the bible.

All this aside, the Bible does have some horrible and reprehensible passages. Leviticus 25:44 is a favourite of mine because if the Bible gets something like slavery wrong then how can you trust the rest of the morality it provides? Sure, there are good parts of the Bible too, just look at Romans 12:9-21, but we know that is a good moral lesson intuitively and not simply because the Bible says so.

What is your take on morality? Is it relative or objective, or is it a nuanced position somewhere in between? Let us know what you think  and feel free to contact us at nonreligious@zombie-popcorn.com, like us on Facebook or call the ZPN hotline at (757) 337-2195. And don’t forget to subscribe to This Non-Religious Life on  iTunes.


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