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This is the year of the zombie, for sure. I see them outside all the time and they don’t even know they’re zombies. I hope they realize before it’s too late. Anyway, I will save that topic for my political blog. There are better, more fun zombies I can talk about.

I have been obsessed with Left 4 Dead 2. It has been one of my favorite games all year long. My avatar is proud to wear L4D2 gear I unlocked during the hours I spent in front of the TV. All in all I love it but the experience is getting a bit stale. I am ready for some fresh zombie action.

Dead Rising 2 is almost here! The first game was one of the reasons I bought my 360. Despite a few flaws with controls and the save system I loved it. It was the best zombie game ever made at that time.

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This time around we have a new hero and the new environment. We’re leaving the mall behind in exchange for the shiny streets and casino buildings of Fortune City. None of this changes anything. Dead Rising 2 is still an amazing over the top zombie carnage simulator, only better. Chuck Green, a new hero, can get his hands on anything. This anything can be taped to the other anything in order to combine the most creative, twisted and wicked zombie murder toys you can imagine. Too sweet! Check the trailer for the proof.

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This zombie apocalypse has more to offer. There are claims being made about 1000 zombies on screen at one time. I can already see myself getting into a vehicle and driving over the crowds for that satisfying crunch sound. The game also offers 2 player co-op mode, bigger environments, better physics and mechanics, new characters and enemies, new save system, and much more.

Dead Rising 2’s release date of September 28th can’t come fast enough. It’s coming out for the PS3 and XBOX 360 and it seems a bit later for the PC. It’s almost time to take out that L4D2 disc out of my 360.

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Dead Rising 2 – Official Trailer

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