BassBuds: Your Colour, Your Style.

BassBuds: Your Colour, Your Style.



Zombie Popcorn Reviews BassBudsWhen Zombie Popcorn was asked to review some very stylish ear buds from a company in the UK, called BassBuds, I was very concerned.

When it comes to headphones I am very picky because I want comfort and great sound quality. I normally hate the ear buds style headphones because they are uncomfortable. Normally, it takes about 3 or 4 songs and my ears start feeling sore.  The reason I said, ‘normally’ is because I think I have found the very first ear bud that does not make my ears sore – and I wore them all day during an 8 hour work day. (Only taking them off for meetings, phone calls, going to the loo, etc). Wait, I am jumping ahead of myself, lets back up to the day BassBuds arrived at my doorstep.

Zombie Popcorn Reviews BassBuds

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when I opened my mailbox to find a package from the United Kingdom. I opened the brown package to find what appeared to be a large jewelry box. On the top shined a red and white logo that had two “B”s, one red and one reversed and white. Under the logo read, “Bassbuds Classics‘. When I opened the box, it was like someone just proposed to me and I was opening a giant ring box. The first thing I saw was a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ attached with a red ribbon. When I removed the certificate I found the BassBuds nicely organized in its holding case. A crystal sparkled in the sunlight coming in through the window. At that moment my wife walked by and said, “BLING BLING!”

What makes BassBuds unique and stand out from the rest is their wide range of style. Not only do you have an almost unlimited amount of colors to pick from but every BassBuds comes with genuine Swarovski Elements fine loose cut crystal embedded on the oustide of the ear bud.  When I say a range of style I mean, if there is a color you want they will have it, from blue to eclectic to nu skool.

So, they look good – how do they sound?

Zombie Popcorn Reviews BassBuds

The Bassbuds have a built in microphone and a BB controller so you can use them with your smart phone. The controls are easy. Push the button once to answer/end calls or to pause/play music, twice to go to the next track, etc. As I mentioned before I am not a fan of ear buds but was taken by surprise on how comfortable they are and don’t let the name fool you, I didn’t find the bass to be overdone. I have tested out some headphones where they tried too hard with adding bass the headset. BassBuds have a good sound balance, you are not going to get studio quality sounds out of these but for a smartphone, you will be more than happy with the sound.

So, if you are looking for a good stocking-stuffer this year or just want to pick up a new pair of headphones, with some bling attached, then I would recommend picking up BassBuds – because it is your colour, your style.

As an added bonus and Since you are a Zombie Popcorn fan – we are going to give you a $30.00 discount code: BB59826 so you can try BassBuds out for yourself.


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