3 Zombie Themes to Boost Your Next Fundraiser

3 Zombie Themes to Boost Your Next Fundraiser

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The apex of zombie popularity is fast approaching — Halloween and the return of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead after last season’s suspenseful cliffhanger. There’s no shortage of zombie flicks being released from Hollywood, and zombies still remain one of the top Halloween costumes every year. If there was ever a time to host your next fundraiser using a killer zombie theme, it would be now.

But hold on just a second. Before you watch Night of the Living Dead and start printing invitations for a zombie gathering, look to some of these fun and creative ideas to make your next event both memorable and effective — and for a good cause.

The Zombie Crawl

There are three key stereotypes for zombies — they’re dead, they want to eat you and, with the exception of 28 Days Later, they walk very slowly. For this reason, a zombie-themed bar crawl is the perfect idea to get the genre fans out to lurk around town and enjoy a few brews during the revelry.

  • First, check with your local city hall for any necessary permits.
  • Contact bars and pubs in the area where you want to crawl to see if they will offer specials for your fundraiser.
  • Sell wristbands to unlock drink and food deals for walking dead participants.
  • Capture the moment and post, post, post! Invest in a good smartphone, like the iPhone 6, whose camera takes supreme photos and videos. This is your essential social media marketing tool for making a zombie crawl into an annual event and attracting more dead ones to participate in the future.

Zombie Costume Contest

When people go all out on a good zombie costume, they go all out. The most dedicated fanatics will spend days on great cosplay, and a costume contest with a cash reward is an enticing way to get the best dead ones in one location for a fun event.

  • Find a venue fit for a party; think industrial with dim lighting.
  • Book food truck and bartending vendors, hire a DJ, decorate with gore, etc.
  • Charge for entry and make sure the cost will cover a big cash prize for a costume contest, along with meeting your fundraising goal.
  • Set up a zombie-themed raffle or charity silent auction.
  • The bigger the party, the bigger the prize, the better the costumes will turn out.

Zombie Speed Dating

This one may sound unconventional, but an open mind leads to inventive fundraising. We live in an age where more people are swiping right than actually shaking hands. But old fashioned speed dating, although perhaps an anxious and intimidating experience, is still a fun way to meet people and shake up the dating game. And what better way to let everyone’s guard down than dressing up in ridiculous zombie costumes to make the affair much more relaxed.

  • Structure the event like any normal speed dating event, but include questions centered around zombie movies and zombie apocalyptic survival for daters to get to know one another.
  • Require donations to enter.
  • Make the affair costume-required, so everyone feels comfortable and included.
  • Focus more on fun and less on matchmaking.
  • Bonus: If your organization is a nonprofit, more people would be willing to step out of their comfort zone for a good cause.

What do these three ideas have in common? Not only will they increase the number of people who want to attend your event, but zombies simply have the fun factor going for them. Whether it’s the uniqueness of speed dating or connecting with people during a bar crawl, this trend will give your next fundraiser a twist to hopefully raise those funds.

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