The Ultimate Zombie-Proof Vehicle and its Gnarly Upgrades

The Ultimate Zombie-Proof Vehicle and its Gnarly Upgrades

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What’s your survival ride? Every great zombie movie or TV show features a great survival vehicle. Dawn of the Dead had a giant armored bus, Darryl from The Walking Dead rides a sick motorcycle, and satiric comedy film Shaun of the Dead has a used Jaguar … okay, maybe that one isn’t so great.

But, just because Shaun was lacking a killer getaway vehicle, doesn’t mean you have to. Here is the ultimate ride to survive the end times and the gnarly add-ons to make it a on- and off-road shredder.

The Vehicle

2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road (Double Cab/Short Bed)

The Toyota Tacoma is the absolute staple of mid-size trucks, with an engine that will last on the open road for hundreds of thousands of miles, and is deceptively nimble, both on and off the road. Here’s some insider knowledge about why we chose this specific model:

  • The 2016 model is the first to feature the new 3.5 V6 engine with upgraded horsepower and which also improves fuel efficiency.
  • The TRD off-road sports multi-terrain traction control and crawl control features, which can free your truck of runover zombie corpses.
  • The double cab will transport you and all your zombie-destroying companions, while the short bed give this Tacoma a shorter wheelbase.
  • The aftermarket products for Tacomas is massive, so we have plenty of toys to play with.
  • Toyota is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, so you can snatch parts from plenty of abandoned cars and trucks on the side of the road.

Suspension & Tires

Icon Stage 7 with Bridgestone dueler tires

How many zombies do you plan on running over: two or three? This is no time to think like an ant! A beefy and capable life from Icon raises your ride’s height and allows for knobby tires with deep tread to cut and shred through the most rotten of zombies in your path.


T3 Front and Rear Bumpers from CBI Off Road Fabrication

Steel aftermarket bumpers don’t just protect the front and back of your truck from undead impact — they also improve the angle of entry and departure (how steep you can drive up and down hills). The front cuts off a chunk of the factory plastic bumper and the rear moves the spare tire from underneath the truck bed to behind the tailgate, which means virtually no obstacle stands in your way.


Tepui Tents Kukenam Sky 3 Rooftop Tent

There won’t be a Holiday Inn for you on this journey, but sleeping on the ground is a big risk. One moment you’re sleeping soundly in your tent and the next a pair of rotten teeth is sinking into your ankle and you’re toast.

Rooftop tents are a godsend in the zombie apocalypse — these portable tents sit on bed rails or your roof rack — and provide plenty of comfort, while keeping you protected and safe out of a zombie’s reach. So long the undead can’t climb a ladder, you’ll be safe and sound at night.

The Fun Stuff

Bumpers and tents are great, but these are just good tools for outdoor survival. The real fun is the toys made specifically for killing and surviving zombies, including:

  • Window screens made from chain link fencing to keep the hoard out of your truck
  • A big air horn to lure zombies away from a safe house or area with supplies
  • A giant wedge welded to the front of your car bumpe
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