How To Survive The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

How To Survive The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse


You have heard the rumors. The news is spreading and it seems it is unavoidable now. A vicious mysterious plague has broken out and affected almost everyone you know. There is no use in fighting it, as it is everywhere. The only thing you can do is prepare your house. That is right; the new season of “Walking Dead” is coming October 14th 2012.

The hugely popular show is not the only form of media to take advantage of the recent popularity of Zombies. Nearly 100 video games on iOs as well as pc and console are keeping zombies in our collective conscious.

With all of the talk about zombies, (that actually includes the CDC releasing a press release and a guide about surviving the zombie apocalypse) it seems like an opportune to get a seat on the bandwagon and present ways to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You do not have to be the Zombie Response Team to make it through the end of the world. It does help to be them though; those people are awesome and have guns!

Buy Bollards

Once the world begins its descent into chaos, zombies are most likely the least of your worries. If you have survived, you most likely have food, water, guns and shelter. This makes you a target for armed gangs and bands of raiders. Raiders do not make friends or negotiate (see “Mad Max”) and they certainly do not knock when they come by. Consider buying bollards to protect your front and back door to prevent a raider or lone psycho from driving his vehicle through your house. Protecting your entryways is extremely important. This does not just include nailing plywood on your windows. Bollards can slow down most vehicles and at least provide another obstruction to impede a zombie hordes progress.

Watch the “Walking Dead” and Other Zombie Shows

Not only do zombie movies provide great entertainment, but they also show many creative ways to survive. Pick up tips from your favorite zombie slayers like the following:

  • Always shoot for the head-unless you are a bad shot. Then you should shoot aim for the legs to buy time to escape. Although, if you are a bad shot, your fellow survivors may leave you behind or make sure you do not come back from that supply run.
  • Learn coping skills. When the brains hit the fan, you will need to learn to deal with possible weirdoes and psychopaths. Rules get broken when zombies attack, so that means petty differences and disagreements are better left behind. On the other hand, you could always settle scores once your enemy is asleep.

Zombie flicks can be great fodder about what not to do as well. There are countless examples of people making mistakes in a zombie-infested world. Here are a few don’ts to avoid.

Making Noise

Zombies are scary; we get it. But for goodness sake, learn to zip the pie hole when zombies are sighted. Nothing sounds more delicious to a zombie than a screaming young blonde-haired woman that is too scantily clad.


Surviving the inevitable coming of the walking dead is much like surviving any catastrophe, except for the whole “My neighbor turned into crazed, frothy, brain eating rotting corpse,” of course. Keeping a good supply of bottled water is important. So is keeping lighters or a reliable fire source to purify water, cook food and keep undead at bay. Here are a few things to prepare yourself with that you may not have thought of yet.

Get a Grip

This is the most important tip. Although catastrophes happen, and it is always a safe bet to prepare for a life changing event, chances are good, wait, no they are CERTAIN, that zombies will NOT walk the earth and come to gnaw on the noggin of your loved ones. But hey, the good news is that the third season “Walking Dead” is coming, and there are more than enough ways to get your zombie fix. Good luck!

Written by Samantha Railey

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