Episode 9: The Rebuttal and Christian Revisionist History

Episode 9: The Rebuttal and Christian Revisionist History


This episode we delve back into Texas Governor, Rick Perry’s ‘The Response,’ a massive prayer summit being held at Reliant Stadium in Houston. The massive 71,500 person stadium used for the event is no doubt going to be crammed to the max, which is why we at ‘This Non-Religious Life’ have already RSVP’d to the event as TNRL, party of 3. If you want to help us get to the event you can jump over here; we have gifts for anyone generous enough to help us out.

Although Jason, Bob and I will be at the event some of the forty-nine governors invited have already declined. Georgia and Indiana governors, Nathan Deal and Mitch Daniels, have declined the invitation for reasons which we can only speculate. Given the PR nightmare of Nathan Deal’s predecessor’s prayer for rain on the Capitol steps, it isn’t too much of a stretch to think that he might want to avoid making a similar mistake. While we speculated that some Democratic governors would avoid this event the first two to openly boycott the summit are Republicans, proving you can’t totally judge a book by its cover.

The other topic we discuss ties into something we covered last week as well, American ExceptionalismDominionism and faux history. This topic comes from a statement made by Christian apologist and fake historian David Barton. Barton claimed that the Founding Fathers rejected Darwinian thought, despite glossing over the fact that Darwin was not born until many of the founders were long dead—indeed Darwin was born the same year Thomas Paine died, 1809. He claims that because the founders endorsed creationism as truth that is the same as denying a scientific theory which was yet to be discovered. This is a perfect example of why one must always be wary of anyone who is a preacher first and an academic second.

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