Coalesce Ep 6: Just Business

We are back!

After an extended hiatus, we have returned to discuss the inherent goodness of the free market.

Just kidding.

We started off our discussion by addressing the Hobby Lobby resistance to complying with the Affordable Healthcare Act. We discussed some of the popular misconceptions regarding contraception and the healthcare law, the tragedy of the Hobby Lobby employees being denied healthcare and/or losing their jobs, and the religious person’s right to practice their faith through their vocation.

The conversation then shifted to the talking point in conservative politics about the inherent wisdom and goodness of the free market. While we agreed that the government was not necessarily the best alternative to the free market, we concluded that the free market is neither altruistic nor benevolent; rather, it is greedy and ambivalent.

Finally, after months of waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…and more waiting…and then Jason moved…and we waited more…we FINALLY began our discussion about microfinancing and evaluated the pros and cons of microfinancing for helping the world’s poor. For further reading, Matt recommended Banker to the Poor by Muhammed Yunus (available on Audible), the founder of Grameen bank, one of the organizations which does microfinancing.

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