Best Zombie Halloween Costumes and How to Make Them

Best Zombie Halloween Costumes and How to Make Them


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Love zombies? Love Halloween? Love them both? We have got the coolest zombie costume ideas for you. Check it out.

The Walking Dead’s Most Recent Victim

Spoiler alert! AMC’s hit show and fan favorite “The Walking Dead” just killed off one of its most cherished zombie-fighting characters in episode 603 titled “Thank You.” Glenn fell to his death in a mosh pit of flesh-eating zombies on Sunday, and what perfect timing it was. Although we’ll all miss him on the show, his premature death means that he will make the perfect zombie Halloween costume this year. Wear your best tattered clothes, and don’t skimp on the fake blood for this one. Make your own with some of the ingredients you probably already have in your refrigerator or cupboards. Just add red, blue and green food coloring, chocolate syrup and water together to make the perfect recipe for fake blood. For step-by-step directions, head to Instructables.

The Zombie Apocalypse’s Most Popular Underdog

As one of the funniest modern-day Zombie parodies, “Shaun of the Dead” has a memorable cast including lots of zombies and standout actor Simon Pegg as Shaun. To recreate Shaun’s look, you need a white button-down shirt, red tie, name tag and zombie-whacking paddle. Your local thrift store should have you covered on most everything that you need to pull the costume together, but you might have to fashion your own zombie-killing device from a piece of cardboard or recycled plywood for something a little more authentic-looking. Don’t forget to use your best fake British-accent to pull the costume together.

Beware of the Bride

Frankenstein’s Bride was one of the first living-dead characters to grace the silverscreen. “The Bride of Frankenstein,” which debuted in 1935, was the sequel to “Frankenstein,” which was released a few years prior in 1931. The monster needed a mate and his bride’s iconic look, from her mile-high hair to her long white dress, has been replicated for decades every Halloween. Frankie and his bride would make a spooky couple’s costume for all the monster nerds out there. A little green and white facepaint, some wigs and two perfectly fashioned costumes will have everyone thinking you two really rose from the dead.

Thrill ‘Em With Your Costume

Most fans and horror movie junkies would agree that Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was awesome — enough to be a top pick for this year’s Halloween costume. Who can deny the greatness of an award-winning pop star and dancing monsters? Recreate Michael’s look with a signature red jacket and pants, creepy face paint with hollow-looking eyes and a curly black wig. If you’re hanging out with your entourage this Halloween, have everyone dress up as a zombie and recreate the 1980s music video. It’s up to you if you choose to upload it to YouTube.

Zombie 101 Tips

Dressing up today is more fun than ever before. Having access to studio-quality make up and technology makes costumes more believable than ever. And dressing up as a zombie gives you a great excuse to completely trash your old clothes. Cut them up, rub some dirt on them and splatter some fake blood — all to make it look realistic. Everyday items like your smartphone can be used to up your costume game. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the perfect device for displaying gruesome body parts, like a beating heart or gross insides like crawling worms, with an app like DigitalDudz. Its bright, clear screen will have trick-or-treaters and ghouls running in fright.

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