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We offer a series of shows (podcasts/netcasts) and some one off programs, which you can read more about in the tabs above, on a variety of subjects.  In addition to the shows we offer, the Zombie Popcorn blog covers everything from 3D, horror, pop culture, politics, music, and movies, including contests and giveaways.

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ttdThe Talking Dead is apart of the Zombie Popcorn Netcast series and  is a  companion to the Zombie Popcorn Blog.
Hosted by Jason Bayless, Paul Casper,  and Bob Price and guarantee to take you on a wild ride into the world of cinema, stereoscopic 3D, tech, music, and places I am sure you never wanted to go.

This Non-Religious Life highlights particular aspects of religious faith and the irreligious movement.

the gangThe show contains interviews with apologists/secularists, discussions about recent events including religious claims, reviews of books/documentaries/debates and all things free-thought, secularism and atheism/agnosticism related. Starting with the most common religion in the US, Christianity, the show will explore the values, texts, and claims made by various denominations.    Over time the show will move on to explore a variety of world religions including the claims of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, New Age/Wicca, and Hindu beliefs. All aspects of the religious claims are examined from a secular perspective to highlight key issues, canons, and of course, the many absurdities.

This Non-Religious Life is an extension of the Zombie Popcorn netcast, hosted by  Ken Montville, Jason Bayless and Bob Price.

The New Architects is a project of a new structure to give a new light on an old subject – Anarchy.

theNewArchitectsLogoOver the years, the teachings and actions of those who believe have been removed from the mainstream thought and covered with misinformation and/or labeled as ‘punk’.

The many levels of Anarchy reach further than one culture or lifestyle. There is a rich, deep history that is being lost along with the works of individuals and groups, from around the world, who strive to improve their lives and the lives of the people (and animals) around them.

It is the goal of ‘The New Architects’ to seek out individuals and groups who work, in their everyday lives, to bring forth the ideas of what is defined as Anarchy and open up a dialogue between people in hope to inspire others.

As the definition of what anarchy is will differ from person to person, it is not our goal to give a definition but to give strength and inspiration to those who work to improve/replace a system that is broken.

The New Architects are individuals and communities that make a difference in the way we view the world.

The people behind the idea of this show are;

Thomas Barnett is an American singer-songwriter born in Richmond, Virginia. He is best known for being the singer for the melodic hardcore band Strike Anywhere. Barnett has been the vocalist for the band since its formation in 1999. He was also the vocalist for the band Inquisition until its disbanding in 1996.Thomas is a strong supporter for animal rights and is vegan.

Jason Bayless is the founder of Zombie Popcorn and several other related projects. He has a long history of activist work, including but not limited to, animal rights, human rights, earth rights. To read more you can visit Jason’s profile. Jason is vegan and a strong supporter of anyone who is working for a better world. 

Coalesce, which means ‘to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.,’ is a show that brings two unlikely groups together, an anarchist atheist and an evangelical Christian.  The goal is to work on uniting on issues they have in common, in hopes to overcome some of the worlds biggest issues – Human trafficking.

CoalescebannerThey will challenge each other and their world view, to find a solution that everyone can work with to help free  the 2.5 million people who are in forced labor, the sex-slave industry (including sexual exploitation), and all the other levels of human trafficking.    What happens when an evangelical Christian and an anarchist atheist get together to try and solve the world’s problems? Tune in to find out.

Coalesce is;

Matthew Brake

Matt is Zombie Popcorn’s token Christian, but he is JUST cynical enough to hang out with the zombie crew. He attended Elim Bible Institute in Rochester, NY for his undergraduate work in Biblical Studies.

He came to Virginia Beach to attend Regent University’s School of Divinity where he graduated with a Master’s of Divinity in 2009 after completing his thesis Soren Kierkegaard & Pentecostalism: A Dialogue, a study of the role that religious experiences and spiritual transformation play in the writings of Kierkegaard and in Pentecostal theology.

Matt has been a youth pastor, a traveling youth minister, and a church planter. More recently, he has worked as a writing coach, a philosophy professor, and an academic advisor. You can read some of Matt’s personal, philosophical, and theological musings on his blog.

Jason Bayless is the founder of Zombie Popcorn and several other related projects. He has a long history of activist work, including but not limited to, animal rights, human rights, earth rights.   Jason is vegan and a strong supporter of anyone who is working for a better world.


Zombie Popcorn: The Official Podcast for MarsCon 2012!

Last year I attended the largest Sci-fi convention in Virginia, known as MarsCon.  I was on the panel “Survive Norfolk- Zombie Tag Gone Wild: How it Started, How the Virus Spread, and How we Survived.”   I had a blast at this convention!

In fact, I told myself when I was leaving MarsCon that I wanted to be apart of next years event – so I am happy to announce that ZOMBIE POPCORN is the official MarsCon podcast!  That means, we will be giving you an ALL ACCESS pass to all things MarsCon!  Interviews, behind the scenes look, after parties, the panels, the games – if it happens at MarsCon, we will cover it!

This years MarsCon theme is ‘The End of the World” – Listen to our coverage here

Zombie Popcorn Stories

Zombie Popcorn Stories was created through the realization that the one thing I love most about traveling is meeting people and hearing their stories. I began carrying a microphone everywhere and began capturing these stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Iceland Airwaves 2016

Zombie Pocporn at Airwaves banner

Zombie Popcorn has teamed up with Ragnaarbastiaan to bring you all things Airwaves. Jason Bayless (Zombie Popcorn) and Bryan Riebeek (Ragnaarbastiaan) take to the streets, venues, and bars to bring you the best coverage, interviews, and all things Iceland Airwaves. Listen to our coverage here.

Natural Ones

Natural ones bannerNatural Ones is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast.  You will go on adventures and battle all types of creatures and thieves.  The Natural Ones got their start on Zombie Popcorn and have moved on to bigger projects, but they will always be with us as we roll the dice and find ourselves with Natural Ones.

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