A Guide to Geeky DIY Decor

A Guide to Geeky DIY Decor


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Your style is a representation of your one-of-a-kind personality. You want your home, or your room, to represent your interests and also feel like a well-curated space of comfort. There are a number of ways you can integrate your quirky interests into your interior decor. Here are some easy-to-make DIY projects that will help you transform and personalize your space:

Personalized Throw Pillow

Create a custom-made pillow with your favorite adage or saying. Consider clever, funny and stand-out quotes like “Talk Nerdy to Me,” “Ctrl, Alt, Del” or “I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie.” Purchase a throw pillow cover from a home goods store — like Ikea or Target — and some fabric paint or iron-on letters from a craft store. You can either hand-write your desired quote with fabric paint or iron on the letter transfers for a more polished look. Many of the craft items you will need for this project can be found online at Michaels or JoAnns. The construction of your pillow and the letter transference process should take no longer than one hour.

Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers bring an added element of life and freshness to any living space. If you are a chemist, utilize chemistry beakers and test tube holders as vases. This will make your florals feel like botany specimens that are displayed in a clever way, and will still add an air of beauty into the room. You can purchase flowers easily so they can remain fresh every week. For example, online florist FTD offers a variety of beautiful blooms that will be delivered right to your doorstep. For a special occasion, you can create a flower sculpture of your favorite video game character. One blogger created a Yoshi flower arrangement with green, white, red and black flowers, which has an incredibly likeness to the character.

Star Wars Light Switch

Awaken the force with a Luke/Vader light switch. This DIY project can be quickly crafted with some spray paint and sticker lettering. Purchase a white light switch panel from an online or local hardware store and place blue painters tape over the top half of it. Make sure you overlap the tape when you layer it so no paint seeps through. Spray paint half of the panel black and let dry it for at least 24 hours. Purchase black and white letter stickers from a craft store. Spell out “Vader” in white stickers on the black, bottom half of the light switch and “Luke” on the top, white half. Paint with a clear, sealant paint or some Hodge Podge, so the lettering won’t peel and the paint won’t scratch.

Lord of The Rings Greeting Sign

Create a LOTR inspired sign that will permit or deny visitors entrance into your room or home. Purchase a piece of wood siding at your local lumber store and have it cut down to six inches. With an electric drill, drill two holes at the top that will be large enough for a piece of twine. Stain your piece of wood the color you’d like, if it isn’t already treated, so it has the rustic, Middle Earth feel. With a pencil draw out the phrases, “Speak Friend And Enter” on one side and “You Shall Not Pass” on the other. You can utilize calligraphy-style stencils for the design so the typeface has a magical feel. At the bottom of each sign you could draw an elf tree or a silhouette of an outstretched Gandolf. Go over your outline with black, permanent marker and seal it with a transparent sealant paint for wood preservation.

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